Meet The Band

Stray Voltage is a loose knit confederacy of six friends who are skilled veteran musicians. Sure, they grew older but never really grew up. This band is all about Fun. They have fun in the rehearsal cave and they have more fun when they play for you. The band works hard to make sure that you have more fun than they do—(and that’s hard to do but they seem to pull it off every time). Some of the members have earned spots in the Minnesota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their music library spans six decades. This is a band that will get the party started and keep it going.

Stray Voltage features strong instrumental skills and tight vocal harmonies. The members of Stray Voltage boast strong musical resumes and when you hire this band here’s what you get:

  • Five lead singers
  • Three guitar players
  • Sax/flute player
  • Four keyboard players
  • Four Bass players
  • One really good drummer and two or three emergency drummers
  • One novelty singer

Stray Voltage Band Members

Click on each band member to learn more about them and to see what they’re up to.